RealMediaFX: Oklahoma's #1 Technology Dealer

RealMediaFX has developed great recruiting tools for recruiters and their schools! We offer products to attract incoming or returning students by providing multiple platforms of information a student will need to make a positive decision to enroll in your university! We want to make your university the most appealing choice for a student to complete his or her education while also preparing the student to begin their college experience with confidence. Our immediate goal is to help your university appeal to prospective students not only from educational benefits, but also the everyday feel of campus life at your university. By seeing and hearing what your school is all about, new students will be ready for a fresh step in life at your university.

Some of our services include:

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Media Print & Packaging
  • Computer Solutions
  • Audio Visual Solutions
  • Presentation Solutions
  • Controllers & Screens

When you purchase from RealMediaFX, you’ll always have the latest and greatest technology for whatever application you desire. Rest assured every step of the way as our friendly, top-tier support help your dreams become reality.

At RealMediaFX, each project is given the utmost importance and every customer is treated like family. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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